Cease & Desist

A request to stop communications does not halt
all collection efforts

Creditors have long believed that, once a cease and desist is requested, their only option is to give up on all collection activity. There is a solution.

When a consumer states that they no longer want to engage in communications, many creditors opt to cease all collection efforts, for fear they will violate the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). These uncollected accounts – which can amount to millions of dollars each month - are typically warehoused, potentially charged-off, and remain uncollected. Creditors often fail to realize there are other viable compliant avenues to pursue the debt, including litigation. 


Charles G. Pona


Our Services Include

Diverse Portfolio Experience

We have a proven history of liquidating balances compliantly and seamlessly across numerous C&D portfolio types, including credit card, purchased debt, auto deficiency,  and student loans, among others.

Contingency Based Collections

Collection efforts are handled on a contingency basis, so we only get paid when you do. Our clients are often able to launch their C&D recovery programs with little or no upfront investment, by using these initial recoveries to fund the court costs necessary for filing lawsuits.

Nationwide Litigation Representation

Even if the consumer has shut down front end collection options, pursuit of a lawsuit may be possible. Our attorneys are licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. For matters outside of our footprint, we use our established network of attorneys who meet our strict standards of compliance and professionalism.

Commitment to Compliance

We are committed to conducting all business in accordance with the highest legal, ethical, and moral standards. We have developed hundreds of standard operating procedures, a document review program, a complaint analysis and response system, sophisticated tracking and reporting tools, and dozens of proprietary training programs.

By the Numbers

We’ve applied our proprietary C&D program strategy to 95,000+ accounts since launching the program. 
We’ve successfully recovered more than $59M to date for our clients. 
Clients that invest in the suit process typically see a return on that investment within six months from the suit date.


Cease & Desist Case Study

Cease & Desist Case Study

For more than a decade, Weltman's clients have enjoyed a compliant and effective way to recover C&D monies that would have otherwise been abandoned or left to fall out of statute. Read more in our recent case study.


Charles G. Pona


James T. Hart



Speaking Engagements / 23 March 2020

Consumer Bankers Association CBA LIVE 2020

Shareholder and compliance officer Eileen Bitterman will be speaking at the CBA LIVE 2020 event in March. Along with Eileen, director of business development Chris Kimes and director of national collections Dave Tommer will be in attendance.
Conferences / 12 February 2020

American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Conference & Expo

Shareholder Sara M. Costanzo will be attending the 2020 American Financial Services Association's Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada in February.
Conferences / 3 February 2020

Receivables Management Association (RMA) International's 2020 Annual Conference

Shareholder and consumer collections chair Chuck Pona will be attending the RMA International's Annual Conference in February 2020.

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