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Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA intends for to be an information website that explains and complements the services provided by the law firm Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA. Below is our privacy statement for the website in the United States, our primary region of practice. These privacy statements describe the practices we follow in order to respect the privacy of visitors to our site. Our goal is to provide you information about our services, our people and our approach to debt recovery for our clients. At Weltman, one of our ongoing areas of focus is how we approach data security and implementing fair and reasonable information practices designed to protect privacy. We believe that everyone benefits from the free flow of information when that information is gathered and used responsibly. Please be aware that may at times contain links to other websites – these websites and online resources are not governed by this privacy policy. If you have questions or you do not feel that your concerns have been addressed in our privacy statement, feel free to contact us.

Collection, Use, & Disclosure Of Personal Information

If you are a visitor to, please note, Weltman does not collect any personal information about you, except to the limited extent through the use of cookies, which are described below. There are a number of circumstances, however, in which we may collect information:

Email Alerts

Weltman offers an email alert service to site visitors, in which we may at times send subscribers free email updates when new information is added to If you decide to subscribe, we will collect basic contact information about you, such as your name, company name and email address. Please note registration is not required for you to use our site. Weltman gives you choices regarding the collection and usage of your personally identifiable information. If you do not wish to provide your name and email address, simply do not register for email updates. If you do not wish to receive future e-mails, please use the unsubscribe link option at the bottom of any email you receive. Also, if you need to make changes to your email address, click here to learn how to correct and update your email address. If you wish to view any personal information you may have provided to us, please send a request to our website manager at contact us. Unsubscribing to or modifying your personal contact information for the distribution of our Weltman articles, alerts, news, press releases, or other communications can be done by emailing For concerns regarding privacy, please contact

Weltman Careers

In our job search section, Weltman posts open positions where applicants can apply for jobs online. Should you decide to apply for a position via our careers site, the application and resume you submit will be entered into our proprietary database. Weltman gives you choices regarding the collection and usage of your personally identifiable information. To update any application or resume you have submitted, please apply again via the careers site, and re-submit your updated information. Due to resume and applicant volume, Weltman cannot personally respond to individual requests for applicant status.

Weltman Webinars

To view a Weltman webinar (live or archived), registration is sometimes required. When you register, you may be required to provide your name, title, email and mailing addresses, country, industry, company, position, and/or phone number. At the time of registration, you are also asked whether or not you are a client of Weltman, and whether or not you would like to be informed of upcoming webinars via email alerts. Information collected at registration is protected using industry-standard encryption technology as it is sent over the Internet. Registration information is required in order to view any webinar. We may use your registration information for internal research and analysis purposes only, to help us understand who is viewing our webinars, and become better equipped to serve your needs. Weltman gives you choices regarding the collection and usage of your personally identifiable information. If you have registered for a Weltman webinar and do not wish to receive future emails, please open a previous email you have received, and click “Please remove me from the mailing list…” If you do not have a previous email to access this URL, please request to be removed from the email list through the “update your profile” function, where you can also submit any changes to your personal profile. Because we do not require a password to use the section, we do not allow you to directly view or change your personal profile. This is for your privacy and protection. Any requests we receive via the “update your personal profile” function will be verified via your email address, which means you must enter the same one you entered when first registering.


Weltman at times conducts client and website visitor surveys via its website. Survey participants may be asked for personally information, such as name, title, contact information, etc., in addition to opinions or feedback. The type of information collected in surveys will vary. Finding may at times become published content. Your participation in Weltman research efforts is at your discretion. Any information gathered will be the property of Weltman. At no time will Weltman share personal information with public, rather simply aggregated data for research responses only. Weltman gives you choices regarding the collection and usage of your personal information. To update any research information request you have submitted, please register again via the site, and re-submit your updated information. Due to volume, Weltman cannot personally respond to individual requests for registration status updates.

Weltman Published Content

Weltman occasionally requires registration in exchange for you to download Weltman generated educational emails/pieces, such as white papers, articles, studies, reports, survey analyses, brochures, written articles, etc. Personal information may be asked on registration forms, such as name, title, email, etc, and the type of information collected will vary. Weltman reserves the right to distribute certain educational emails/materials only to those who supply the requested information. On occasion, Weltman may contact registrants to invite them to special events, provide them with information about our services, publications and products, or for other marketing purposes.

Event Registration

Weltman at times facilitates event registration via or, at times, via third party web sites. Personal information may be asked for event registration and the type of information collected may vary. Weltman may share registrant information with third parties in association with an event “third party”. Examples of “third parties” include hotels, sponsors or co-sponsors, promoters, event organizers (including via third party web sites), speakers, panelists, etc. Weltman does not disclose an individual’s personal information to third parties, except when one or more of the following conditions is true: The disclosure is required by law or mandatory professional standards; The disclosure is reasonably related to the sale or other disposition of all or part of our business; or The disclosure is to another Weltman entity or to persons or entities providing services on our or the individual’s behalf (each a “transferee”), consistent with the purpose for which the information was obtained, if the transferee, with respect to the information in question: Is subject to law providing an adequate level of privacy protection; Has agreed in writing to provide an adequate level of privacy protection; or Subscribes to the Safe Harbor Principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Cookies and/or any of its governed sections may use cookies. A “Cookie” is technology that allows our site to store tokens of information (an ‘identifier’) in your browser used only by our site while you are on our site. Cookies are not used to determine the personal identity of anyone who is merely visiting They help us track traffic patterns so that we know what areas of our site users like and don’t like. Cookies have other uses as well. In the Cookies are also used to prevent online poll participants from voting more than once. If you do not want to receive a cookie from, you have the option of setting your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, so that you may determine whether to accept it or not. As part of our effort to track the success of our advertising campaigns, we may at times use a technology called “web beacons,” or “action tags,” which count visitors who have come to after being exposed to a banner ad on a third party site. We do not use this technology to access your personally identifiable information; it is only used to compile aggregated statistics about visitors who come to and to gauge the effectiveness of our ads.

Data Security/Integrity

Weltman has technological and operational security functions in place to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. The data you may provide via the United States Web site is shared only with authorized employees of Weltman, and on a limited basis, with vendors who help us manage our website, supply information management services, and third parties in association with any Weltman related events Access to your information is limited by need, and those who have access to the data have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of such information. In addition, Weltman may disclose personally identifiable information as may be required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process.


Weltman understands the importance of protecting children’s privacy in the interactive, online world. We do not intentionally target or solicit to children 13 and younger. Some of the firm’s other online services may, at times, be designed to educate children on financial and credit management and other matters, with a goal of both protecting the privacy of children while also providing them valuable information, fun and education.


Weltman complies with applicable privacy regulations and supports consumer, government and industry efforts to identify and resolve privacy issues.

Changes to This Policy

Weltman may change this policy statement as needed. If changes to the statement are made, please note that it may take up to 30 business days before new privacy practices are implemented. Check this page periodically if you would like to monitor changes. Consumer Recourse If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy while using, please contact us at WWR

Privacy Policy Effective Date: February 26, 2024