Webinars / 26 August 2021

Ask a Pro: How to Manage Motions for Relief from Stay and Reaffirmation Agreements - A Guide for Creditors

In our previous webinars, we covered everything you need to know about the basics of bankruptcy. Now we are ready to dive deeper into this subject and focus on Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay and Reaffirmation Agreements.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements / 27 July 2021

Collateral Recovery

Nick Rohner, managing attorney at our Cincinnati office, is presenting Collateral Recovery at the Kentucky Credit Union League's Quarterly Roundtable on Tuesday, July 27th.
Speaking Engagements / 29 July 2021

The Power of Ten Minutes: Bite-Sized Ethics

Compliance officer Eileen Bitterman is participating in a panel breakout session at the ACA International Convention & Expo 2021. The Power of Ten Minutes: Bite-Sized Ethics features Eileen and co-panelists discussing ethical issues in the industry.
Speaking Engagements / 16 August 2021

Under New Management: CFPB & Debt Collection

While financial institutions are juggling the challenges posed by COVID-19, they also must be aware of changes to the FDCPA and the selection of a new CFPB director. Compliance officer Eileen Bitterman and national director of collections Dave Tommer are participating in a breakout session at CBA Live on August 16th.


Conferences / 10 August 2021

Community Bankers Association of Ohio's 47th Annual Convention

Shareholder Sara Costanzo and attorney Jill Keck are participating in the Community Bankers Association of Ohio's 47th Annual Convention from August 10th - 12th in Columbus, Ohio.
Conferences / 22 August 2021

Michigan Credit Union League's Annual Convention

Shareholder David Wolfe is attending MCUL's Annual Convention from August 22nd - 25th in Traverse City, Michigan. This conference will highlight the latest industry developments and trends.
Conferences / 25 August 2021

Kentucky Credit Union League's Vision 2021

Shareholder Jamie Hart and national manager for credit unions Dawn Pagon are attending the Kentucky Credit Union League's Annual Meeting & Convention, Vision 2021, in Louisville, Kentucky from August 25th - 27th.