The Appeal of Creditors' Rights Law: From Attorneys Who Recently Passed the Bar

At Weltman, we love welcoming new attorneys to our team. They bring fresh expertise and an eagerness to learn and be mentored by their experienced colleagues. 
Three of our newer attorneys, starting in 2022, span from Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This talented trio - AJ Dawes, Cameron Deane, and Megan Katz work within several business units, including consumer collections, real estate default, subrogation, and more. 
Recently, they joined managing partner Chuck Pona for an engaging webinar session where they touched on several interesting topics - this session was titled New Year, New Counsel: The Trials, Tribulations, and Expectations of Becoming an Attorney. After working at the firm for several months, we had some questions for them:
  • What’s it like passing the bar in your area – and how is this next chapter? 
  • What’s it like working in creditors’ rights law? 
  • What advice and experiences can you share with clients, colleagues, and other students? 
  • How has your experience been working at a law firm such as Weltman?

Below, you can check out a few of their top responses and advice.

Question: Do you have any tips for taking and passing the bar exam?

AJ Dawes: “Maintaining a strict schedule. I would get up from 5 a.m. and study until 9 a.m., walk my dog, and go to the gym. Working out was my way of staying sane during this time! Since it was the pandemic, I did a lot of staying in my basement and studying another four to five hours the rest of the day.” 
Megan Katz: “I highly recommend you continue the same study habits from law school for bar prep. If you try to study in a way that doesn’t work for you, it won’t resonate. Don’t listen to what other people are doing if it doesn’t work for you!”
Cameron Deane: “My plan was to continue studying the same way I did in law school. However, the pandemic changed everything. I stuck with my bar exam prep as best I could and maintained a strict schedule.”

Question: What are some of the benefits of working in the creditors’ rights space?

AJ Dawes: “A lot of people go into law for altruistic reasons – to help people. In creditor’s rights (especially on the consumer side) I get to do that. People look at collections agencies as the ‘bad guys’ but I can help people, especially if they are in dire situations.”
Megan Katz: “I deal with foreclosures and matters relating to property. One of the things I love about it is being able to work with people, especially the borrowers who call and are trying to resolve the matter. We come together with the client and borrowers to navigate the best solution. Also, you encounter something new every day and practice different areas of the law. It really keeps your skills sharp.”
Cameron Deane: “After law school, I practiced in another area but wanted to get exposure to civil litigation. So, I decided to do creditor’s rights. Originally, I was with another firm and doing the opposite of what I’m doing today. I knew of Weltman and my current supervisor in motor vehicle subrogation for a long time. It’s been great to help people and diminish the idea that we’re the ‘bad guys’.”

Question: How has working at Weltman helped you in your career journey?

Megan Katz: “This is my first job practicing law outside of working as an advisor to a judge. Ever since I joined the firm, people have been nothing but helpful and willing to answer my questions. It’s so great working for a firm that has so many knowledgeable subject matter experts in different topics. It’s been conducive to my learning and growing as an attorney.”
AJ Dawes: “Coming from a small firm to large firm like Weltman, where we have attorneys who’ve been doing this an average of 30 years, it’s been great. Everyone is so helpful and does their best to help us as new attorneys. Also, our practice management software just furthers my knowledge and familiarizes me with the docket. Our online tools are so helpful in knowing what’s going on with different cases.”
Cameron Deane: “Being in Philadelphia, our office is smaller and I’m the only one who practices in bankruptcy. However, I have gotten to know so many others in Cleveland who practice in this area, and everyone is so helpful in sharing tips and knowledge. I see myself becoming a more well-rounded litigator because of the experienced people I get to absorb expertise from.”
Weltman is always adding to our deep roster of experience and expertise. Visit our website to stay up to date on our current career opportunities. If you have additional questions, connect with AJ, Cameron, and/or Megan at any time. To watch the full New Year, New Counsel: The Trials, Tribulations, and Expectations of Becoming an Attorney webinar, click here.
This blog is not a solicitation for business, and it is not intended to constitute legal advice on specific matters, create an attorney-client relationship or be legally binding in any way.

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