Bankruptcy Risk Assessment

If your organization is at risk of being exposed, we'll get you
back into compliance

With an intimate look at your entire bankruptcy operation, we leave no stone unturned.

Many organizations have in-house staff responsible for managing files that end up in bankruptcy. There are many moving parts to a bankruptcy file, however, that may be confusing or overwhelming. If industry best practices are not followed, it could lead to sanctions such as fines, an involuntary audit of your practices, or the temporary inability to collect at all. The bankruptcy team at Weltman will help ensure that proper checks and balances are in place – keeping your organization in compliance and at maximum operational efficiency. 

Our Services Include

On-site Audit

Our team will conduct an in-depth examination of every aspect of your organization’s bankruptcy operations, from receipt of the notification to the application of payments received. We will comb through your standard operating procedures and training documents, observe your collection personnel, and review your evaluation and monitoring processes. 

Risk Analysis Report

Once the on-site audit is complete, our team will compile a formal report detailing our findings. We will note any observations deemed to be a potential risk, such as missing policies, inefficient file workflow, cost-effectiveness, and insufficient staff training. 

Remediation Projects

For any risks that are uncovered in the risk analysis report, we will recommend a specific solution to help you address the problem head on. Our goal is to help you eliminate all foreseeable risks in a timely fashion, and improve overall business efficiencies. 

Policy Development & Training

Depending on the needs of your organization, we can revise an existing policy to meet the stated requirements, or we can create a new policy. Additionally, we can provide customized training to all your collection personnel, covering topics such as communication techniques and actions to take on particular file workflows.


Heather A. Schneider

Director of Bankruptcy


Scott D. Fink


Garry A. Masterson



Conferences / 16 May 2024

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) 2024 Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

Attorney Garry Masterson will be attending the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) 2024 Southwest Bankruptcy Conference in Las Vegas, NV, from September 4th - 6th.

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