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Review to Recovery:
Professional Collections for Professional Services

Relationships are the cornerstone of the professional services industry. But sometimes those relationships break down, and service providers are left with unpaid bills and difficult questions:

Is it worth our time and expense to try and collect these debts?
What are the odds we'll be successful?
Will we harm our reputation in the process?

Weltman's Review to Recovery Program, designed exclusively for professional services providers, can help answer these questions and provide peace of mind for you and your organization.

Step I: Account Review

Determining whether your accounts receivable can be collected takes more than a cursory numbers review.

For a nominal flat fee, we'll thoroughly evaluate your accounts to determine whether the debtor has the means to pay the debt, if the debtor can be located, and if collection efforts will be cost-effective. Our findings are provided in a customized report, with our detailed analysis of what may be "collectable" vs. "uncollectable.'

If a debt is deemed uncollectable, you will have the benefit of our industry-leading collection experience supporting your decision to write off the debt, bring the relationship to a close, and move on. And if a debt is deemed collectable, Weltman's team of professionals can immediately begin the process of attempting to collect your debt.

Step II: Recovery

At Weltman, we believe that no business – large or small – should have to walk away from fees they have earned for their hard work and experience. As professional services providers ourselves, we also have a keen understanding of the importance of courtesy and sensitivity in the work that we do. Our firm collects debts legally, professionally, and efficiently; and always with our clients' best interests at the fore.

At the outset of Recovery, we use your Account Review to craft a collection approach and fee structure that is practical and cost-effective for your particular inventory of receivables. We offer a range of fee options, depending on the nature of the debt.

Then our team of extensively-trained collection personnel and experienced creditors' rights attorneys will begin the collection process on your behalf.

Industries Served

Accounting Firms
Architectural Firms
Engineering Firms
Law Firms
Management Consulting Firms
Marketing Firms


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