10 October 2022 / Allyson Fuller-Moore

Avoiding the Relocation Hesitation: The Benefits of a New Office Space

There is something to be said for familiarity. People find comfort in it, a sense of control of their surroundings, and a general feeling of ease. Unfortunately, right when that sense of familiarity and comfort set in, change enters the room. Who wants that?

Weltman’s Cincinnati office recently relocated after 28 years in the same office. While our new office is only blocks away, it did change a lot of things for many of our employees. This move changed the route into work in the morning, the selected parking lot or bus route, and the walk into the office. It could affect where you get your favorite cup of coffee in the morning and likely where you buy your sandwich at lunch. While these things may seem minor, they do impact people and their daily routines.

Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Once change is accepted, many great things can come from it.  It is most important to embrace that change and choose to react positively. After all, attitude drastically affects your outlook and a positive attitude will get you a long way.

During this move, we worked together on many levels. From the team in the office, to the local management team working with our IT, to HR and executive management. There were many interactions and opportunities to develop closer relationships. Many of us do not get the opportunity to work together on a day-to-day basis, so this was especially beneficial. Stronger relationships expand the ability to perform as a team, whether it be for the purpose of the office move or a later project. It also allowed people to understand and appreciate the value of other roles within the company. We valued what each person contributed to the timeline of this project.

We all have that one ‘junk drawer’ or closet which is the catch all for everything we do not exactly know what to do with. The office can be no different. During the evolution to the paperless environment, we still have the tendency to hold onto binders and bins that truly only held paper, amongst other items. It gave us the opportunity to donate and share generously. While our office may be paperless, someone’s church or day care may not be! We opened up these items to our employees, the employees of our building, and the maintenance team and allowed anyone to take donations to a cause that they were passionate about. Our team was very proud of the opportunity to get rid of items that no longer served us in this new space.

Our new space allows us to operate more cohesively and promotes a greater synergy based on the office design. Previously, we were separated by two floors and sometimes you may not see some staff for days or even weeks. That is not the case anymore. Our office houses everyone with ample space and more opportunities to engage with one another.

There is an old saying out there, “the grass isn’t always greener…” but sometimes, it just might be! Our new office is beautiful with an amazing view of the city. The natural light has been observed and enjoyed by so many, and the personal work spaces are a huge upgrade from our prior office. To say the process was easy would be wrong, but it was worth it!

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