Nathan R. Duvelius

Nathan R. Duvelius

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Seamlessly blending technology and dedication, Nathan’s clients appreciate his modern approach to their age-old problems.

With over 12 years of collections experience, Nathan has worked in a variety of roles applicable to his legal work. Throughout the course of his career, he has been a filing clerk, a skip-tracer, a call-center representative, and a manager. He has been a corporate witness at dozens of trials across the Midwest (as well as one in California) and argued before the court as an attorney. Nathan draws on this unique work experience – on both sides of the witness stand - to recognize and mitigate any issues before they arise. Working with banks, credit unions, and mortgage servicers, Nathan takes the time to understand their procedures and processes. He then provides tailored solutions accordingly, which, in turn, maximize their recovery. 

Both around the office and with his clients, Nathan is known for his adept use of technology. Depending on the problem at hand, Nathan is just as willing to write a SQL query as he is to draft a motion. This allows him to increase both productivity and accuracy.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Nathan continues to reside in the area, along with a multitude of pets. In addition to practicing and teaching martial arts, Nathan spends his time volunteering and fostering reptiles for a local rescue group. Through the rescue group, he enjoys giving educational presentations to the public regarding this often misunderstood group of animals. 

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Indiana, 2019
Ohio, 2016
Kentucky, 2015



J.D., Northern Kentucky University, Chase College of Law, 2013
B.A., English, Miami University, 2004



American Mensa Member
Indiana Creditors Bar Association Member


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