Ask a Pro: Probate Recovery - How to Successfully Manage the Claim and Collection Process

Date & Time: 23 September 2021/ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

From estate collecting, litigation and defense, to unauthorized credit card transactions, the world of probate recovery can be a mysterious place. Due to the sensitive nature of this process, we want to guide you with tools to avoid conflict and gain confidence in your strategies. In past Weltman webinars, we’ve given insights on forbearance, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and more. Now, we’re ready to delve into managing an overdue account or loan once a consumer is deceased. Knowing your options can help you recover quickly and protect your reputation during (what is most likely) an emotional time for those involved.

Join shareholder Scott Weltman, attorney Stefanie Collier, and probate manager Michelle Moore as they answer your questions about the probate recovery process. Our panel will be moderated by Weltman’s national director of collections, Dave Tommer. This group of panelists has a diverse and vast understanding of this subject. Combined, they will provide insights that can benefit you and your team during the recovery process.

Key topics that will be covered in this webinar include:
1) Filing claims on secured and unsecured debt
2) Timely addressing rejected claims
3) Probate assets and liabilities and insolvency
4) Recovery of collateral

About the Series:
Weltman’s Ask a Pro Series is an ongoing, virtual Q&A featuring our own in-house attorneys and industry professionals. The series will address some of your most popular questions regarding creditors’ rights – from general best practices for your portfolio to new trends and insights, and even specific case examples.

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