Probate Recovery

We're Here To Help You Manage Your Probate Recovery Matters

In this economy, many lenders are struggling to collect on probate recovery matters. We understand that collection claims require special attention once a debtor is deceased. With over 3,000 courts nationwide, rules vary by jurisdiction and requirements change frequently. Management of the process is resource-intensive and requires a caring and sensitive approach.

Representing the rights of creditors for more than 85 years, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA offers comprehensive collection and legal services to companies, working to deliver exceptional recovery results and customer service to our clients. We are a nationwide universal recovery solution provider committed to helping you resolve outstanding matters with a focus on cost-efficient results.

With our early estate location, date-of death verification and asset location/verification programs, the Weltman Probate Recovery Group is trained to respond quickly to the demanding timeframes inherent in collecting from estates. Our attorneys and staff receive comprehensive training in probate collection and how best to treat your customer's estates and families during difficult times in their lives. We are familiar with the many different laws that govern probate in every state across the country.

Our probate representation includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Estate Location and Claim Filing
  • Asset/Property Ownership Searches
  • Date of Death Notification/Verification
  • Death Certificate Retrieval for Credit Life Claims
  • Expert Representation on Rejected or Contested Claims
  • Collection of Charges Incurred After Cardholder’s Date of Death (ADOD Program)
  • Negotiation of Payments/Settlements

Litigation and Defense

  • Counterclaim Representation
  • Post-Judgment Recoveries
  • Fraudulent Transfers
  • Credit Card Fraud After Death
  • Creditor Defense

Probate Group Benefits:

  • Comprehensive, proven solution for recovery on claims
  • Positive impact on your bottom line recoveries
  • Dedicated Probate recovery team with integrated national representation
  • Centralized placements, remittances and attorney contacts
  • Formal work standards that support predictable results
  • Seamless handling of probate matters while collecting from living liable debtors
  • Consolidated reporting and online account access via Internet-based eClientNet
  • Tiered contingency fees, hourly fee or combination options available

Dedicated Probate Recovery Team

The Probate Recovery Group is comprised of experienced attorneys, collectors, and support personnel with the proven ability to properly work files and service probate claims while demonstrating a high level of sensitivity with customers. We work hard to help you reduce delinquency, increase recovery, improve cash flow, and minimize losses - all at a fair cost. By providing regular reports and insights on legal and recovery matters, we ensure claims assigned are worked in a timely and effective manner. Recognized as an industry leader, Weltman strives to provide clients of all sizes the full resources of the firm’s collection platform and power of the Weltman collection teams.

Our Initial File Review Is Critical To Your Success

We will review each file to identify the proper recovery stream. Whether you utilize our local or national recovery services, we work closely to track the progress of each file and are invested in making sure your company is able to recover as much of its losses as possible.

Comprehensive National Collections + Legal Strategy

Weltman has established a national litigation network of experienced attorneys to handle matters outside of our footprint states coverage area across the United States. We remain actively involved with local counsel throughout the legal process and monitor the handling and reporting of cases, providing you consistent service and accountability in every state.

Not Afraid to Say “NO”

Rather than just processing your matters without looking at alternatives, we often come up with new ideas or approaches to your files. The knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience allows us to propose and formulate a plan of action which may have not been previously considered. We work with our clients to keep their best business interests in mind. We don’t hesitate to make hard decisions, including advocating settlement when the costs outweigh the result. Don’t be surprised if we suggest alternatives that may be more cost-effective to your organization.

Reporting and Communications

Weltman utilizes the Internet for e-mail and document transmission. Through our password-protected eClientNet, we provide you access to your account, progress reports detailing account activity, performance statistics, inventory lists and accounting information.

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