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We're Here To Help You Manage Your Foreclosure and Eviction Matters

We understand the importance of a strong default partner as the real estate market continues to suffer under peaks in delinquencies. With more and more mortgages underwater, lenders and servicers are demanding new thinking and new approaches to real estate default and loss mitigation. The Foreclosure & Eviction Group at Weltman, Weinberg and Reis Co., LPA recognizes your need for innovative approaches and managed timelines to the ever-increasing demands of your real estate default portfolios. 

Our foreclosure and eviction representation includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosures
  • Home Ownership Preservation Program
  • Experienced Timeline Management
  • Foreclosures
  • Commercial & Consumer Evictions
  • National Forwarding Program

Understanding of Judicial and Non-Judicial States

We understand the importance of resolving obstacles to the process and timelines for both judicial and non-judicial states, and the need to communicate obstacles and resolutions to our clients in a timely manner. We take a proactive approach to maximizing our results through foreclosure or alternatives such as forbearance agreements, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, loan modifications, favorable settlements, or consent agreements.

Home Ownership Preservation Program

Our Real Estate Default Team is poised and ready to address your real estate defaulted accounts through loss mitigation or home ownership preservation. Our efforts are designed to help you reduce the number of accounts going into foreclosure and the number of accounts in default. Through our unique early-stage delinquency letter campaigns, pre-foreclosure outreach program, bankruptcy loss mitigation, programs focused on investment property borrowers, and streamlined alternatives to judicial foreclosure matters, we are committed to helping reduce your real estate default portfolio.

Timeline Management

Our case management system allows us to effectively and accurately measure, monitor, and track specific county timelines, bankruptcy, and processing delays. Using expectations of investors such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in regards to the number of days a defaulted loan should take to get a foreclosure to sale, Weltman can advise the number of days a court delay will take within a specified county. Our flexible status reporting makes it easier for you to monitor your portfolio with current status updates and anticipated next steps for each account. We monitor your portfolio and communicate each file’s progress, ensuring timelines for each milestone are being met. Our system enhances our internal auditing capabilities by ensuring that quality work is being produced, which in turn ensures our clients receive a clear and marketable title at foreclosure. 

Summary of Foreclosure Procedures

The Foreclosure Group is comprised of experienced real estate default professionals that are poised and ready to assist the mortgage lending and servicing community with innovative and thorough solutions to your real estate default needs. We aggressively move matters to resolution by offering loss mitigation opportunities to help resolve loans, or producing clear and marketable titles as quickly as possible. Our team works with lenders to successfully and efficiently complete foreclosures, evictions, and real estate owned closings. We focus on the critical objectives of completing the process and producing a clear title to the real property in the minimal amount of time. We take a proactive approach to maximizing recovery through foreclosure or alternatives such as forbearance agreements, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, loan modifications, favorable settlements, or consent judgments. Our fees are in accordance with the guidelines established by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of HUD. 

Summary of Eviction Procedures

Weltman provides comprehensive commercial and consumer eviction services. We offer complete legal and handling for writ of possession by sheriff versus former owners of property and eviction versus tenants in possession by court action. Services include documentation, notices, court complaints, hearings, motions and lockout and vacancy dates. Timelines vary by state. 

Comprehensive National Real Estate Default Representation

REDG services include our established national network of experienced real estate attorneys for issues outside of our footprint states of Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We remain actively involved with local counsel throughout the legal process to ensure that all cases are handled and reported effectively, providing you consistent levels of service and accountability in every state.

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