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We're Here to Help You Manage Your Real Estate Default Portfolio

We understand the importance of strong comprehensive legal representation to mortgage lenders and servicers to help resolve non-performing assets in a timely fashion, creating home ownership preservation opportunities to help resolve loans or produce clear and marketable titles as quickly as possible, all focused on maximizing the return on your investment recovery. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experienced real estate attorneys and support staff, with the knowledge and courtroom insights to provide you with the leadership you’ve come to expect from your default partner. With decades of experience in representing the needs of lenders and servicers, our personal attention and streamlined processes help you reach your goals in the most cost effective manner possible.

The Real Estate Default Group (REDG) at Weltman Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA provides comprehensive legal representation to mortgage lenders and servicers including, but not limited to the following areas:

Foreclosure & Eviction

  • Judicial and non-judicial state representation
  • Home Ownership Preservation Programs
  • Experienced timeline management
  • Foreclosures
  • Commercial and consumer evictions
  • National Forwarding Program
  • Assistance with loss mitigation and foreclosure prevention alternatives


  • Claim Presentment
  • Non-dischargeable Litigation
  • Chapters 7, 11 & 13
  • Loss Mitigation & Property Preservation Programs
  • Motions for Relief From Stay
  • Motions for Adequate Protection
  • Objections to Confirmation
  • Objections to Proofs of Claim and Stay Violations

Litigation and Defense

  • Jury Litigation
  • Federal Court Representation
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Priority Disputes and Mortgage Reformations
  • Injunctive Relief to Prevent Tear-Downs
  • Counterclaim Defense
  • Appellate Representation
  • Commercial Foreclosures and Lien Disputes

Combined Legal and Default Experience

Our Real Estate Default Group is comprised of a unique combination of experienced professionals in bankruptcy, litigation and foreclosure services. We assist the mortgage lending and servicing community with innovative and thorough solutions to your real estate default needs in a timely fashion, by aggressively moving matters to resolution, offering debtors loss mitigation opportunities to help resolve loans, or producing clear and marketable titles as quickly as possible.

Reputation and Results You Can Count On

Our regular appearance in numerous courts within our jurisdictions allows us to maintain an in-depth understanding of each system and judge in order to help you achieve results. Our staff has relationships with court personnel who appreciate the fact they are dealing with an experienced law firm who has a track record of handling matters in a timely and professional manner.

Comprehensive National Real Estate Default Representation

REDG services include our established national network of experienced real estate default attorneys for issues outside of our footprint states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We remain actively involved with local counsel throughout the legal process to ensure that all cases are handled and reported effectively, providing you consistent levels of service and accountability in every state.

Home Ownership Preservation

We understand the volatility in the marketplace, and are poised and ready to address your real estate defaulted accounts through loss mitigation or home ownership preservation – efforts designed to help you reduce the number of accounts going into foreclosure and the number of accounts in default.

Centralized Communications, Reporting and Auditing

REDG’s centralized communications provides a one-stop location to forward all referrals, requests for status on files, and requests for information on fees and costs to ensure prompt, efficient and effective communication between our foreclosure and bankruptcy teams and yours. Our robust reporting and auditing capabilities allow us to monitor and track timelines, provide enhanced mechanisms for tracking bankruptcy and processing delays, and monitor your portfolio for status updates and anticipated next steps for each account.

Our Commitment To You

  • Direct access to specialized, knowledgeable attorneys utilizing our breadth of expertise in bankruptcy, litigation, foreclosure and title issues for routine and non-routine questions
  • Involvement from experienced management teams and staff with industry-specific knowledge to drive efficient and effective processes within the daily handling of business
  • A solid reporting, communications and audit function to comply with your requirements, making our firm a seamless business partner with your team
  • A commitment to “do the little things” that can make a difference, whether it’s attending first meetings of creditors, maintaining strong relations with court personnel, debtor bankruptcy attorneys and trustees, or just picking up the phone to give you status updates.

When It Comes to Real Estate Default, We Get It

Today our clients are demanding more from their default vendors, and rightfully so. As marketplace pressures continue to challenge homeowners and lenders, the need to move property back into the marketplace increases. We know how important it is for you to smartly manage your real estate default portfolio. At Weltman, our goal is simple – to offer each client a thorough, focused and timely recovery strategy while minimizing your exposure and liability. Why? Because the old ways just don't work anymore.


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