Ask a Pro: Secrets of the Subrogation Attorney

Date & Time: 20 April 2023/ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

In the next session of our popular #AskaPro webinar series, our team is letting the cat out of the bag regarding what counsel wishes their clients knew about subrogation! Moderator, shareholder, and Subrogation Group chair Ted Traut will be moderating this engaging Q&A-style webinar. Panelists include attorneys Michael Chapman, Cameron Deane, and Tiffani Williams. Their expertise ranges across Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and they have a combined 59 years of experience in their field.
Ted will be asking questions like, “What’s the one thing you would advise your client is the most important thing about preserving their subrogation claim?” and, “How do you treat insured and uninsured claims differently?” You (and your future claims) will be glad we spilled the beans - Don’t forget to submit your questions when you register!
Key topics
  1. Insured and uninsured claims
  2. When a client should accept an offer
  3. Preserving the evidence
About the Series:
Weltman’s Ask a Pro Series is an ongoing, virtual Q&A featuring our own in-house attorneys and industry professionals. The series will address some of your most popular questions regarding creditors’ rights – from general best practices for your portfolio to new trends and insights, and even specific case examples.

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