Ask a Pro Open Mic: Keeping Your Hands on the Wheel in Bankruptcy - Motor Vehicle Loans

Date & Time: 17 February 2022/ 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM ET

There are several ways to protect your interest when it comes to automobile loans and bankruptcy. You may be asking yourself, “Does the date a vehicle contract is signed matter for plan treatment?” or “What deadlines do I need to be aware of to reaffirm a vehicle loan and what terms should I offer?” Our talented group of bankruptcy attorneys have first-hand experience in these areas and want to share their expertise with you.

In this new edition of Ask a Pro, shareholder Milos Gvozdenovic and attorneys Garry Masterson and Erin McCabe are ready to answer any questions you have on the topic of auto loans in a free-flowing open mic conversation. In previous Ask a Pros, our panel put together a list of the top FAQs they receive, but this time the questions are coming directly from you! You will have a chance to ask your top auto loan questions both when you register for the webinar and while it’s live!

Our Pros' Auto Areas of Expertise Include:
1) Plan treatment – what can a debtor do and not do regarding your vehicle in a proposed plan? 
2) The upsides of offering a reaffirmation agreement to a debtor 
3) Vehicle leases and payment plan actions
4) Motions for relief from stay and vehicle recovery

About the Series:
Weltman’s Ask a Pro Series is an ongoing, virtual Q&A featuring our own in-house attorneys and industry professionals. The series will address some of your most popular questions regarding creditors’ rights – from general best practices for your portfolio to new trends and insights, and even specific case examples.

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