Ask a Pro: Comparing Powers of Attorney and Guardianships

Date & Time: 18 August 2022/ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

When it comes to selecting someone to act on behalf of an incapacitated elder, there is a wide range of options, dependent on how much control this person will have over the elder's affairs. In the next episode of our popular Ask a Pro webinar series, probate manager Michelle Moore and attorney Matt Pomy will answer YOUR questions on powers of attorney (POAs) and guardianships. This session will be moderated by director of business development Chris Kimes.
The inspiration for this webinar episode? Our panel recently presented this topic at the Ohio Health Care Association 2022 Convention and Expo. Their Q&A presentation focused on common questions received from credit unions and healthcare providers throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. With such a vibrant response from attendees (with additional follow-up questions), our team was excited to continue the conversation around this complex area of law.
Key Topics Will Include:
  • The differences between powers of attorney and guardianships
  • Limitations to each option
  • What documentation is needed to verify each option
About the Series:
Weltman’s Ask a Pro Series is an ongoing, virtual Q&A featuring our own in-house attorneys and industry professionals. The series will address some of your most popular questions regarding creditors’ rights – from general best practices for your portfolio to new trends and insights, and even specific case examples.

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