Commercial Bankruptcy Group

We know how important it is for you to have your commercial bankruptcy matters managed by dedicated and experienced bankruptcy legal professionals. At WWR, the members of our commercial bankruptcy team do more than just process files to minimize any potential loss in bankruptcies. We take a much more aggressive and active approach. Because of our comprehensive understanding of local and national bankruptcy laws and procedures, and our dedication to bankruptcy as a core Firm practice area, our clients frequently look to us for guidance in determining what actions to take on each file. Our team acts as your advisor, examining all aspects of each file, in managing the timelines and legal processes to protect your interests in pursuit of maximum recovery.

WWR represents creditors in both pre-bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. The following highlights the WWR bankruptcy services:

  • Negotiation of pre-bankruptcy workouts and forbearance agreements
  • Negotiation of cash collateral agreements
  • Cash collateral agreements
  • Adequate protection agreements
  • Adversary proceedings including prosecution of non-dischargeable claims, defense of preferences, fraudulent conveyances and lien avoidance actions
  • Representation on unsecured creditors' committees
  • Review of disclosure statements
  • Review of proposed plans

Dedicated Staff

Our staff stays directly involved in the bankruptcy process and is frequently called upon by our clients and conference sponsors to present programs on bankruptcy issues and trends.  We maintain daily interaction with judges, trustees and debtors’ attorneys. WWR has earned the reputation for being aggressive, professional and honest, and as a result can often resolve matters without filing motions or engaging in lengthy proceedings, enabling us to more effectively and efficiently process matters where fraud may be present…all with your best interests in mind.

Leveraging Firm and Marketplace Technology

Similar to our collection operation, we have fully utilized technology in order to receive daily updates on bankruptcy filings and provide reporting and follow-up to our clients. All WWR files are subject to daily review by automated bankruptcy information services to facilitate the monitoring of case filings, discharges and dismissals. We are online with PACER, national trustee databases, and all courts — enabling us to automatically review case statuses. Clients can communicate with our staff or transfer files and data via Lenstar and other databases. We integrate our operations with each of our other WWR business vertical groups, to provide you a seamless approach, no matter if you are seeking a solution in real estate, a commercial or consumer matter. From one matter, to thousands of files, we are equipped to handle your bankruptcy matters.

Comprehensive National Collections and Legal Strategy

WWR has established a national network of experienced attorneys to handle matters across the United States. Most often we process our bankruptcy matters from our centralized processing center, and personally cover courts within our footprint state area. For matters outside our footprint states, we work with local counsel throughout the legal process to ensure that all cases are handled and reported effectively, providing you consistent service and accountability in every state.

Not Afraid to Say “NO”

Rather than just processing your matters without looking at alternatives, we often come up with ideas or approaches you may not have considered. We leverage our years of experience to formulate a plan we believe is the best way to proceed, always with your business interests in mind. We don’t hesitate to make hard decisions, including advocating settlement when the costs outweigh the result. Don’t be surprised if we suggest alternatives that may be more cost-effective to your organization.

The WWR Commercial Bankruptcy Group is here to help you manage your legal and recovery needs. For more information, and to discuss a legal or business matter, simply contact someone on our large bankruptcy team. When it comes to bankruptcy matters, at WWR, we get it.

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