Our Structure & Mission

Commitment to Quality Representation

At WWR, we believe that quality assurance starts at the top. Consequently, our organizational structure ensures that representation activities are visible to the highest management levels, maximizing accountability. Our approach provides for strict quality control within each of our specialty practice areas, allowing us flexibility to respond to each of our client needs, whether it is within one of our practice areas, or integrated across our enterprise. Tasks are departmentalized for efficient handling and employees are able to discuss procedures with attorneys, direct supervisors or other managers at all levels.  We are dedicated to helping companies recover money and goods and property owed to them through an integrated approach to the recovery of receivables, as our range of services allows for the complete handling of files through all steps of the collection and legal process. 

We strive to offer exceptional services at competitive prices.  Our efficient, results-oriented approach has earned us a solid national reputation for achieving debt, collateral and real estate default recovery. The core values at WWR are based on our strong work ethic, commitment to client service, effective resolution of creditors’ issues and progressive technological innovations.  With the flexibility in our office space, we are fully capable and prepared to handle increased business, as we can easily accommodate the additional personnel and systems needed to effectively handle work -recruiting and assigning staff to new programs and implementing the necessary procedures to ensure full compliance with each client's contract requirements. We are committed to thorough training for existing and new employees on the specific nature of each program, interaction with the client, and other requirements mandated by federal and state collection laws.

WWR Vision  

To be the nation's leading provider of creditors' rights solutions.

WWR Mission

To operate as a full-service creditors' rights organization, dedicated to success in our industry, while building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and communities.

WWR Core Values

Client Focus
Dedicating ourselves to exceeding clients’ expectations and earning clients’ trust.

Being professional, ethical, honest and respectful in all our interactions.

Having a great workplace where we work together to achieve excellence.

Approaching our work with enthusiasm and intensity. We care!

Learning and fostering new ideas to become better every day.

Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

WWR's commitment to inclusion and diversity is comprehensive as to our employees and our clients. As a Firm, and as individual employees, we are committed through our interactions with our clients, business partners, and communities to the recruitment, retention, promotion and advancement of diverse employees.