Business Information Systems & Data Security

Data Management Is Core to Our Services

Weltman pioneered the design and development of computer-assisted systems for creditor representation. We are considered one of the most technologically advanced creditors' rights law firms in the United States and make substantial yearly investments in current technologies and custom software to help run our business. In 2009, we received the Collections Technology Excellence Award from Collection, a prestigious award that highlights our dedication to providing current technology to both our internal and external clients. We provide online real-time capabilities for all legal, collection, reporting and accounting functions with immediate access to file histories and up to the minute information for our associates.   

Our nine offices are connected to a high speed network with fiber connections. Our operations center and disaster recovery site are both connected by a private high speed Gigabit circuit that enables us to keep near real time information in both locations.  Our main host applications are mirrored to the collection site and this greatly reduces recovery time and data loss in the event of a disaster. Also, a system generator located at our operations facility is capable of running the entire operation indefinitely. In addition, we have established a 24-hour on-call program with key members of our Information Systems department and instituted a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that is tested on a regular scheduled basis.

Protecting sensitive client information that resides on our networks is a top priority for Weltman. Along with privacy concerns, maintaining data integrity is also important in managing customer contact records and other business information often used in legal proceedings. We have implemented a vast array of security measures to safeguard this information and take pride in staying one step ahead of the competition in this area. We conduct third party penetration tests and security assessments on a regular basis and we continue to build on our strong foundation after each one is completed.

Our EDI department is staffed with knowledgeable analysts that work with our clients to define the information that passes back and forth and we have the ability to receive and send information in just about any file format available today. Our Firm is dedicated to customer service and we work closely with our customers to get it "just right."  We also provide clients with a significant number of reports in written and electronic form regarding our activities on their files. Reports are available upon demand or as a scheduled job and include statistical, status, payment, batch track, acknowledgements - closings and inventory lists. For the purpose of generating external and internal reports, Weltman uses formats that are mutually agreed upon with our clients. Key personnel at Weltman perform due diligence and review file documentation on all placements to determine the most effective recovery approach. Productivity benchmarks are established and monitored using various methods. Supervisors continuously monitor account activity including telephone conversations, work lists, file notes and debtor communication. Weltman has also recently implemented an "extranet" called eClientNet. This is a secure, password specific website dedicated to our clients and allows them to remotely view their account information, history notes and file status' 24 hours a day.

We are very proud of our technology "backbone" at Weltman, and we continue to build upon our successes to make it even better. Staying one step ahead on technology has enabled the Firm to remain an industry leader and a trendsetter for others to follow.